Simple Decorating Ideas for Busy Parents

I recently had the joy of chatting with Author and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Catherine O’Brien, from Happy With Baby, to discuss simple decorating tips for busy parents. It doesn’t take much to organize and simplify your home, no matter what size budget or space you have. Check out her Happy With Baby blog […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 9’s

The Enneagram Type 9 is often called “The Peacemaker.” They strive for peace in their relationships and hate conflict; working to avoid it at all costs. If things get too heated, they will want to retreat and take a nap to escape. Nine’s are great at seeing all sides of a discussion and are excellent […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 8’s

“The Challenger” or “The Defender” describes the Enneagram Type 8 personality. They are a what you see is what you get type of personality and are known for their intensity. Whatever they do, they do it 150% and they expect you to give it that much effort also! The 8’s defend their loved ones fiercely […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 7’s

The Enneagram Type 7 reminds me of sunshine. They are bright, cheerful, fun, and energetic. Aside from a “7,” they are also called “The Adventurer,” “The Enthusiast,” or “The Entertaining Optimist.” Adventure, excitement, and exploration are all welcome by the Type 7 while negative feelings, boredom and monotony are not desired at all and are […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 6’s

The Enneagram Type 6 is often called “The Guardian” or “The Loyalist.” They need to feel safe and secure and will often notice when something isn’t measuring up to their safety standards. Sixes can be given to worry, thinking of “worst case scenarios,” but also help make the world a better place as a result […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 5’s

The Enneagram Type 5 is often called “The Investigator” or “The Observer.” They are often introverted, enjoy alone time and are deep thinkers. They drink in knowledge and can never get their fill. They are experts in their field and often know a lot about many subjects. Calm and level-headed also describe the Five. It […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 4’s

Unlike any other number, the Enneagram Type 4 is often called “The Individualist” or “The Romantic.” This type wears their feelings on their sleeves, are highly creative, in touch with their emotions, and authentic. They are one-of-a-kind not wanting to look like anyone else and they often see the world through a unique lens. My […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 3’s

The Enneagram Type 3 is also called “The Performer,” “The Charmer,” or “The Achiever.” These folks are full of energy, great at giving speeches, love being the center of attention, are image-conscious, and don’t mind the spotlight. Achievement and goal setting are their love language and they speak it well. My Type 3 friends are […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 2’s

The Type 2 is called “The Helper.” People who identify as a Type 2 are ready to lend a listening ear, bring a meal, offer to help, and are great at knowing just what you need. You can count on them when you are in a bind. They find great satisfaction and purpose in helping […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 1’s

Type 1’s are often called “The Improver,” “The Perfectionist,” or “The Reformer.” People who consider themselves Type 1’s are all about efficiency, organizing and improving themselves, others and their spaces. They feel most at rest when their homes are tidy and things are in order. Otherwise, they will never feel at rest with the constant […]

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Each Enneagram Type

I’ve got something really special for you! If you aren’t familiar with the enneagram, it is a system of nine personality types which not only describes our personality but the motivation behind why we do what we do. And…I can really geek out over it. The enneagram has helped me understand myself, my husband, kids […]

The Truth About Gray

One of the questions I am most often asked is “Is gray still on trend?” For years now, the design world has utilized gray in all of its hues from cool blue grays to warm greige tones. Couches, painted walls, decor, and clothing showcase gray colors in all their glory. So, back to the question, […]


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