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Decorating During a Pandemic

Let’s face it, the pandemic has affected all of us. Some have lost jobs, some are working from home now and some are working more hours outside our homes than ever before. No matter how your life has changed, one thing is for sure: your life has changed. Change often leads to opportunity and in today’s blog, I’ll share how life during a pandemic is an opportunity for great design!

Let’s Talk Design

I want to connect with you and give you an inside look into what influences my designs. There are so many topics to cover from paint color selections, paint sheens, space planning, current trends, environmentally friendly products, and more. I’ve learned so much from my years as a designer listening to clients, learning about trends, visiting retailers and from experience on the job. This blog is created for me to share tips and tricks to help you decorate your home with confidence and style. Check back frequently for the latest blog posts.

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