Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 1’s

Type 1’s are often called “The Improver,” “The Perfectionist,” or “The Reformer.” People who consider themselves Type 1’s are all about efficiency, organizing and improving themselves, others and their spaces. They feel most at rest when their homes are tidy and things are in order. Otherwise, they will never feel at rest with the constant “to do” list rolling through their minds. I’m a Type 1, so I can completely relate! Let’s get to gifting!

Gift Idea #1: A Wall Mounted Calendar Organizer

1 Thrive has this awesome wall organizer which would make any Type 1 swoon. This particular set is called the “Susan.” The description on 1 Thrive’s website says “The Susan likes to check all the boxes with a list-friendly format that can accommodate meal plans, schedules, chores, goals and more.” That, my friends, is a 1’s Dream!! The Susan costs $179.

Gift Idea #2: Drawer Organizers

The Container Store is one of the most happy places in the world. It has organization down pat. Check out the Dream Drawer Organizers starting at $15.99 a package. Or the iDesign Linus Large Drawer Organizer Starter Kit for $58.92.

Gift Idea #3: A walk in nature with your 1. If you can’t get out, then gift them a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

Being in nature calms the soul and helps us relax. Bringing nature indoors is another way to help the body calm down. One of my most favorite trees is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. I know it has been around for a while but there is something wonderful about those big curvy leaves that I love. Grandin Road sells these beauties starting at $159.

A Type 1’s Room Remodel Project would be the Laundry Room. This is a room that needs to function well and remain tidy. I recently designed a large Laundry Room and can’t wait to post the after pictures after the final installation. For now, here is a sneak peek…

Since we are heading into the Christmas Season, let’s check out an Enneagram 1’s Christmas tree decor… tidy, organized, monochromatic and gorgeous!

Tree by designandstydestudio

Tree by Elle Decor

I hope you enjoyed diving into Christmas ideas for your Enneagram Type 1 friends and family. Keep an eye out for the Type 2’s recommendations next!


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