Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Each Enneagram Type

I’ve got something really special for you! If you aren’t familiar with the enneagram, it is a system of nine personality types which not only describes our personality but the motivation behind why we do what we do. And…I can really geek out over it. The enneagram has helped me understand myself, my husband, kids and others so much more and has given me a greater appreciation for how we are all created and wired. So, in order to have some fun with the enneagram, I’m sharing my recommendations for home décor gifts for each enneagram type! It is going to be so exciting to explore with you and I hope it will spark some ideas and brighten your day.

Before I dive into my gift recommendations, I am going to summarize each type for you here. If you don’t know your type, I highly recommend The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile. The summaries below come from this book.

TYPE ONE: The Perfectionist, The Improver, The Reformer — Ethical, dedicated and reliable, they are motivated by a desire to live the right way, improve the world and avoid fault and blame.

TYPE TWO: The Helper — Warm, caring, and giving, they are motivated by a need to be loved and needed, and to avoid acknowledging their own needs.

TYPE THREE: The Performer, The Charmer — Success-oriented, image-conscious, and wired for productivity, they are motivated by a need to be (or appear to be) successful and avoid failure.

TYPE FOUR: The Romantic — Creative, sensitive and moody, they are motivated by a need to be understood, experience their oversized feelings and avoid being ordinary.

TYPE FIVE: The Investigator, The Observer — Analytical, detached and private, they are motivated by a need to gain knowledge, conserve energy and avoid relying on others.

TYPE SIX: The Loyalist — Committed, practical and witty, they are worst-case scenario thinkers who are motivated by fear and the need for security.

TYPE SEVEN: The Enthusiast — Fun, spontaneous, and adventurous, they are motivated by a need to be happy, to plan stimulating experiences and avoid pain.

TYPE EIGHT: The Challenger, The Defender — Commanding, intense, and confrontational, they are motivated by a need to be strong and avoid feeling weak or vulnerable.

TYPE NINE: The Peacemaker — Pleasant, laid back and accommodating, they are motivated by a need to keep the peace, merge with others and avoid conflict.

Watch for my next blog where I’ll share home decor gift ideas for enneagram Type 1’s!

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