Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 3’s

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 3’s

The Enneagram Type 3 is also called “The Performer,” “The Charmer,” or “The Achiever.” These folks are full of energy, great at giving speeches, love being the center of attention, are image-conscious, and don’t mind the spotlight. Achievement and goal setting are their love language and they speak it well. My Type 3 friends are energetic, driven and successful.

Gift Idea #1: A Daily Affirmations Calendar

A Daily Affirmations Calendar will keep your Type 3 friend or loved one motivated to take on the daily challenges and goals. They don’t want to just meet the goals, they want to slay them! Barnes and Noble sells the I Can Do It 2021 Calendar for $16.99.

Gift Idea #2: A Glamorous Mirror

Always looking their best is important to the Type 3. Gift them a wall mirror that fits their decor style so that they can do a quick face check before their Zoom call or You Tube recording. Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn have stunning wall mirrors ranging from $199+.

Layne Round Wall Mirror (Pottery Barn)

Jamie Two Tone Oval Wall Mirror (Ballard Designs)

Gift #3: An Alarm Clock

Help your Type 3 by gifting them an alarm clock so that they can get up each morning and chase their dreams. The Clocky alarm clock does just that…this little clock runs away beeping so that you have to get out of bed and chase it to turn it off. This will get a Type 3 going and ready for the day! Find it on clocky.com for $45.99.

Type 3’s Room Remodel Project would be their Closet. Renovating this room and stylizing their clothes organization will make the 3 feel like the star that they are. They will be ready to conquer the day and feel like a million bucks. Here is a design floor plan and perspective of a closet design where I incorporated an ironing station, high and low clothes hanging, and drawers into an L shaped room.

An Enneagram Three’s Christmas Tree must be absolutely spectacular. In fact, when I saw these glam trees (and room decor), I immediately thought they would fit this type perfectly.

Credit: Jay Wilde
Credit: Kelleynan

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your Type 3’s Christmas extra special. Next up will be the Type 4, who loves to be unique and different. This blog will be like none of the others in many ways! Look for that to drop on Wednesday.