Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 4’s

Home Decor Gift Giving Guide for Enneagram Type 4’s

Unlike any other number, the Enneagram Type 4 is often called “The Individualist” or “The Romantic.” This type wears their feelings on their sleeves, are highly creative, in touch with their emotions, and authentic. They are one-of-a-kind not wanting to look like anyone else and they often see the world through a unique lens. My Type 4 friends challenge me to slow down and enjoy the moments – they are excellent at that.

Gift Idea #1: A Customized Leather Bound Journal

Type 4’s need to express themselves. Whether it be through song, drawing, painting, writing or another creative outlet, they can record their feelings and thoughts in a gorgeous leather bound journal. A bonus to this gift would be a special pen that coordinates. Anthropologie has several awesome journals.

Katine Journal (Anthropologie $38)
Montgomery Journal (Anthropologie $80)

Gift Idea #2: A Statement Furniture Piece

Nothing brings a 4 more joy than having something that no one else does, except maybe another Type 4. Gift your friend a furniture piece that is completely unique. Again, Anthropologie has so many great choices.

Izzy Petite Accent Chair (Anthropologie $698)
Handcarved Land & Sky Buffet (Anthropologie $2,998)

Gift Idea #3: An Animal Table Lamp

These lamps are so much fun and definitely bring a smile to any face. What a crazy take on your standard table lamp! Prices start at $120 per lamp from Grandin Road.

A Type 4’s Room Remodel Project would be a He-shed or She-shed that 100% reflects their personality. This will be a place that they can go and be themselves to the fullness of their being. Be sure to include a winding path with beautiful foliage and flowers that lead from the main house to the shed.

Credit: A Place to Grow
Credit: Kloter Farms Blog

The best Christmas tree for an Enneagram Type 4 will reflect their personality, may be dark, may be bright, but will definitely be one-of-a-kind.

I love this green citrus Christmas tree by Tobi Fairley. I mean, when is the last time you saw a citrus Christmas tree?

Unique Pink by @Bohofrisco.

This Christmas, your Type 4 loved one will feel so special with any of these unique gift ideas. The next blog will focus on they Type 5, “The Observer.”