Gorgeous Greens

Stepping into Fall and leading into 2021, green is a go-to color that is going to be seen in fashion and home interiors. Be on the lookout! We were made to be in and around nature, which soothes us and helps us feel more at peace. Even before the Pandemic, incorporating green into our homes has been vital. I love to bring nature indoors by adding faux or real plants, trees, and succulents. And now that green is taking off in the design world, more shades of green will be seen in furniture than ever before.

If you are looking for a gorgeous green to paint your home, I recommend Comfort Gray SW6205 (which is actually a green) or Sea Salt SW6204 by Sherwin Williams. They are beautiful “neutral” greens that give such a soft and luxurious effect to any space. Other stunning greens are Contented SW6191, Softened Green SW6177, Jade Dragon SW9129 and Quietude SW6212.

This is a bathroom I designed for a client where Sea Salt was painted above the chair rail and Comfort Gray below. The bathroom is bright with lots of natural sunlight. If your space has less natural light, rest assured that these paint colors look remarkable in many types of lighting.

Comfort Gray takes on a different look in this room where natural and artificial light merge together. As you can see, warm tans and neutrals pair well with Comfort Gray.

As we finish out this unique year, lets be sure to incorporate green into our lives whether we daily take a walk outside, add a few plants to our home, or paint a wall a soothing green! By doing so, we will create calmer, fresher and more beautiful rooms to enjoy.

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