Decorating During a Pandemic

Let’s face it, the pandemic has affected all of us. Some have lost jobs, some are working from home now and some are working more hours outside our homes than ever before. No matter how your life has changed, one thing is for sure: your life has changed. Change often leads to opportunity and in today’s blog, I’ll share how life during a pandemic is an opportunity for great design!

Here are 5 design tips on how to spruce up your home during this unprecedented time.


You’ve traveled, lived an interesting life, and collected some really great things. It’s time to showcase those treasures in a whole new way. Start by looking at your decor in a new light. Collect all of your decorative items and place them together in a neutral spot such as on your dining table. It is important to take this step so that your home is now a blank canvas for decorating. Next, organize the decorations by color and pattern. This allows you to see which pieces will work best together. For instance, a set of vases or candleholders placed in a tray makes a beautiful dining centerpiece. A sideboard or console table get an updated look by layering a mirror, artwork and decorative items. Be sure to place decor in odd numbers to create balance.


Bookshelves are a great place to display memorable keepsakes, family photos, and beautiful books, but they often get cluttered. Space decor and books out evenly so that there is balance between books and objects. Keep the color scheme similar to give a unified appearance. For instance, choose your main color, add a neutral and an accent color. Keep objects and book jackets that fit into this color scheme so that your bookshelves are cohesive.


Working from home has many wonderful benefits… and distractions. Perhaps you are juggling having the kids home asking you questions while you are trying to maintain your professionalism on your latest Zoom call. Or, your dog has become spoiled with the extra attention and doesn’t respect your work hours. No matter how you office from home, I am going to share a few ideas to help you create a great office space at home.

Designate a specific area of your home as your office. This is where you will place your desk and office supplies. Not everyone has a whole room to spare for their office, so be creative. A secretary desk doubled as your bedside table in your bedroom is a great place to work. How about a slender console table tucked along a long wall? Once you no longer need the console table as a desk, you are free to decorate it with lamps, greenery and artwork. Another great place for a desk is at the end of a hallway where a small desk stretches across the width of the hallway.

Keep your desk area neat. It goes without saying that a tidy desk makes all the difference in our mental clarity. Although, when I am in my “creative space” my desk is known to get a little messy! The more we have our things together, the better our minds feel clear and ready to focus. If you need a place to let the creativity flow, consider a dry erase board or cork board to hold your scribbles and notes. When sharing your desk with others, consider utilizing a portable file folder for your things so that sharing the space is simple and easy.


Updating your wall, ceiling or trim color can make a remarkable difference in your home. Over time, paint colors fade and walls get scuffed. Adding a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to make a big difference in your home. An updated wall color also takes years off the wear and tear of a house. Keep an eye out for future blogs where I’ll dive deep into all things paint.


Our homes are where we create memories and do life with our family and friends. They are our haven and refuge, especially during a pandemic. Take time to step back and appreciate the laughter you hear, the giggles, messy meals, the family movie nights, game day fun and all the things that make your house your home. I love what designer David Hicks said, “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”


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