What comes in my package?

For the Room by Room design package, clients receive a Shopping Specification Spreadsheet, Mood Board, Floor Plan, 3-D perspective renderings and a written summary with specifics on products to order and place in their room. These items are your guide for your room's design plan allowing you to be a part of the design process as you implement the design.

Do I have to implement every aspect of the design?

Not at all. You are in charge of how much or how little of the design you implement. I will explain the reasons why I chose a particular item so that if you find something comparable, you have the freedom to interchange with that item instead.

How much communication is there between designer and client during this process?

Communication is of utmost importance because I want to fully understand the goals, style and function of the space to be designed. Therefore, if after the Design Consultation and receiving the Questionnaire, Measurements, Inspirational Images and Photographs I still have questions, I will be sure to discuss any questions with you as I work on your designs via email or phone call.

Can you incorporate any of my existing furniture or accessories into the design plan?

Absolutely! With the Rejuvenate Package all of your existing furniture and accessories will be kept in mind when designing the space. If you are purchasing the Redesign Package and there are any furniture or accessories that you would like to incorporate into the design plan, please let me know and I will include them in the design.

Does Elizabeth work with clients outside the Mississippi Gulf Coast area?

Yes! I have worked with clients from the East Coast to the West Coast including clients from Austin, TX, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and New York. By utilizing technology such as FaceTime and email, I am able to design spaces for clients who live anywhere in the United States. 

When should I submit payment?

Full payments must be received to begin the design process. Check, credit card and PayPal are accepted.

Does the payment include the cost of the products selected for my space?

No, the payment is for the design fee only and does not include the cost of products specified. 

Will I receive help if I have any questions after receiving my completed design package?

Of course! I would be happy to assist you with any questions about the designs and am available to answer any questions as you purchase and install the items. Because products availability may change in retail stores, no revisions will be made after 6 weeks from the Presentation Date.