Local Design Consultation $85/hour minimum 2 hours

Video Conference Design Consultation $45/30 minutes or $85/1 hour

               During a Design Consultation, clients may ask Elizabeth any question pertaining to their interior design project. Common questions include paint color selection, space planning, color scheme selection, and furniture suggestions. The sky is the limit to your design questions for Elizabeth.




Elizabeth Hall Designs offers flat rate design packages for the do-it-yourselfers who want quality professional design for an affordable price. Everything needed to give you a beautiful designer room will be included in your design package. You have the freedom to order as many rooms as you want and take as much time as you like putting things into place. Don't just take my word for it, read this review from one of my clients... "The package she delivers is very organized, making shopping for the product so easy. Most of my shopping has been online, so I don't have to spend hours walking though stores looking for what I need. I can also work at my speed, saving money by making purchases when items go on sale.Elizabeth incorporated a lot of items I already had with new items to freshen things up. I can't wait to complete the purchases and pull it all together. I know Elizabeth will be there to answer all my questions during the process." - Sharon R.




Your design package includes details for everything you need to make your dream room a reality. Each package includes...

  • A CAD drafted floor plan with furniture drafted to scale
  • 3-D rendered elevation drawings and perspective renderings showing important details and measurements of your space
  • Mood Boards displaying photos of items selected 
  • Paint sample sheets selected for your space
  • A product specification and shopping guide to help you stay organized as you shop (Items are selected from retailers based on your personal budget)
  • A written summary with details on how to implement the designs into your home


PRICING PER ROOM: $495 - $795 (This does not include the cost of any products specified)


Design packages are customized for the homeowner based on their specific design needs.  Elizabeth understands that you may already have furniture for the space but need suggestions for paint colors, accent colors and accessories to make the room really stand out. Or, you may need a full room redesign where Elizabeth selects every item from paint to furniture to finishes. No matter where your design project falls in between, Elizabeth is ready to help make your design dreams a reality.


Your specific package cost is determined by the scope of the project along with the size of the space being designed. The amount of your design package will be written into your contract and agreed upon before the work begins.




  1. Recognize that your home is an important investment. It reflects you and your personality. What does your home say about you now? Decide that your home is worth the investment and that it's time to create a space that invigorates you.
  2. Email Elizabeth at elizabeth@elizabethhalldesigns.com and share details about your space and project. 
  3. Elizabeth will schedule a consultation to meet at your home (if you live along the Mississippi Gulf Coast) or over the phone. This allows you to share more about your specific design needs to determine your design package and flat rate fee. 
  4.  Sign the contract and submit payment. Full payment must be received to begin the design process. A Design Presentation Due Date is scheduled.
  5. Submit Measurements and Photographs of your space. (Measurements and photos of your space can be taken by Elizabeth for a $55/hour fee).
  6. Send Elizabeth inspirational photos and a completed Questionnaire (provided by Elizabeth).
  7. Once these items are taken care of, the design process begins! Elizabeth will be in contact with you during the design process with any questions. Feel free to contact her as well if you need anything at all. 
  8. Design Presentation Day. If you live along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Elizabeth will meet with you in person to go over the designs. For those who live outside this area, she will schedule a video conference and then email digital files of your presentation documents to your inbox.
  9. Enjoy the process of bringing the designs together! Elizabeth is available to answer your questions as you implement your designs. 


Elizabeth's goal is to give you the tools to turn your room into the space of your dreams, a space your family will enjoy, and a space your friends won't stop talking about. Contact Elizabeth today to get started!